Amanda’s Home Made Lovely

Amanda’s Home Made Lovely

Welcome to Home Made Lovely, a special home tour series.


I am so honored to be invited to show you my house made lovely. I am Amanda, and I blog over at Ohmylittledears.  Kick off your shoes and come on in. And please don’t let the barking dogs scare you away!!!

As you enter you have 3 options. Walk into the kitchen, go downstairs or upstairs. Lets take a walk into the kitchen, one of my favorite places to hangout when we have guests over.

Amanda’s Home Made Lovely

I can’t tell you how many times I have painted that blue wall. I might have been tempted to paint it last week. I love painting, and especially painting thrifted furniture.  The white hutch in the corner received a makeover this summer after I received it from a friends grandmother who no longer wanted it.  I love seeing a piece of furniture get transformed and live a second life.

Amanda’s Home Made Lovely

In the opposite corner sits a teal mini dresser. This was also a thrifted piece of furniture that I painted, and has become one of my favorites!!  On the wall I created a hoop art display from old fabrics. You can see more of them here.  I love creating hoop art, as it is easy change up.  I like change.

Do you remember the old Martha Stewart FOOD magazines ??  I miss those.

As you turn around you will see our main kitchen area. About a year ago I took on the project of painting all the oak in the house white.  I removed the far right glass doors and created a section of open shelving.

In the kitchen bay window I have attempted to keep alive a grouping of succulents.  I always get asked how I always keep them alive. I don’t really have any tricks except when they die buy a new one.  I have a hard time keeping them alive in the cold months here in Minnesota.

As we go upstairs, this is a place where I spend most of my evenings.

This is typically what you see when you come upstairs. Ali and Emma are my two yorkies who are always laying on some type of pillow.

Above my computer desk I have created a wall of clipboards which hold some of my favorite prints and gifted drawings.  I also have a few Instagram photos displayed that I change out quite regularly. I love supporting handmade and creating it in my home.

In the corner near the stairs sits a chair I found on the side of the road.  A new coat of paint and it was brought upstairs. We are always in need of extra seating when company is  over.

On the other corner of the wall is a book shelf that I have been dying to paint. I think this might be a good winter day’s project.  The book shelf holds some of my favorite books and my favorite picture of my grandma rolling a yahtzee, her facial expression is priceless!!!

My Ipad and current books/magazine’s usually find their way of stacking up here.

Lastly is my room which is also where all my craft supplies are kept.  A couple other hutches are along the wall which help keep me organized. This past spring I ripped out all of the carpet and painted the wood floor a dark gray!!  What a difference it has made.

That is it.

Thanks for following me around as I showed you my home. Sorry I didn’t have any cookies for you while you were here, next time!!!